Hope Doesn’t Anchor the Safe

Hope may anchor the soul, but it will not anchor your safe.  Some may argue the sheer weight of a safe will defy theft or storm loss, but trust us when we say it’s not enough.  There are three main reasons to anchor your safe to the ground;  safety, theft prevention and storm protection.

Safety first.  Always.  It’s hard to believe that a toddler could topple a safe.  But, did you know 1/3 of the weight of a safe is in the door?  When the door is open, even the smallest tug could bring the safe falling forward.   Placing anchors in the floor of your safe prevents this from happening.

What about theft prevention?  Again, most people think the size and weight of a safe is enough protection against theft.  We’ve seen safes (and homes) destroyed by criminals in attempts to get the safe outside.   They are determined and they will find a way.   Yes, criminals could theoretically cut the bolts, IF they were prepared and IF they had enough time.  The anchors will deter and slow them down.

Do you need to protect your safe against storms?  Tornado alley = YES!  If tornadoes can toss semi-trucks like Tonka trucks, they can toss your safe-and the valuables inside- across your neighborhood.  Get those safes properly anchored into the concrete.

If you’re purchasing a new safe, be sure to request a bolt down.  If you currently own a safe that’s not anchored, we strongly recommend you do so- either DIY or call us to help!


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