Does your safe need a lift?  We’re not talking about an Uber kind of lift.  The answer is yes.  All safes need a lift.  Let me explain.

The image above depicts a safe we relocated.  This particular safe had only been in this location for a couple of years.  Do you see all the rust on the bottom of the safe?  Due to the weight of most safes, the fact they are never moved and the lack of air circulation under the safe, moisture inevitably gets trapped beneath the safe.  Moisture + metal= RUST.

Cue the safe lift.  Lifts are placed at the four corners of the safe.  Voila’ you have created a space for air circulation.  This is crucial for any safe placed on concrete, tile, laminate or hardwood.  Some argue lifts aren’t necessary for safes placed on carpet.  However, our team has seen many homes with leaks or busted pipes.  The soaked carpet may dry around the safe.. but what’s happening underneath?  You got it.  The carpet is trapping the moisture under the safe.  Moisture + metal=RUST.

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